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The Study at Yale Living Room Chair with Books

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Study Hotels is a lifestyle concept conceived to accommodate the needs of university markets by offering high quality full-service lodging. The Study is more than just a hotel; it is a cultural platform designed to capture the character and essence of the school and its surroundings. Every detail is meticulously thought out to enhance the guest experience, creating a sophisticated, relaxed environment.

The Study at Yale Living Room with bookcase

At both The Study at Yale and The Study at University City in Philadelphia, PA, each hotel’s inspiration is taken from its location and the character of neighboring institutions. With thoughtful deliberation, our objective is to strike a balance between creativity, comfort and contemporary living. We seek to create inspired, uplifting environments that encourage positive social interactions. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to enhance the guest experience and create a sophisticated, yet relaxed environment. Our signature logo, a pair of reading glasses, is intended to elicit an emotional response from guests, whether it be reminiscing about a beloved piece of literature, or reflecting on one’s sense of quirky style, the glasses embody the essence of Study Hotels: Intellectual, Stylish, Restful yet not too serious.

A hallmark of The Study Hotels concept is our ability to offer inspired dining, conference and social catering facilities. Our restaurants are conceived with the local community in mind; allowing residents to enjoy the energy of an inspired gathering space. Our menus and culinary culture are bound by the philosophy: simple, healthy delicious dishes created with well sourced, seasonal ingredients.


Our focus on sustainability at The Study at Yale impacts everything we do, from the selection of our food provisions, to our energy conservation and waste recycling, to our environmentally preferred operating and purchasing policies. We are fully committed to a culture that conserves its resources and a world that deserves vigilant care and respect.

The Study at Yale Exterior
Meeting space with banquet rounds set with pads of paper and pen

Developer Hospitality 3, LLC

Hospitality 3 is a Manhattan-based real estate development company founded in 2003 by its Principal, Paul McGowan. The firm specializes in the positioning/repositioning of existing assets, and the development of new, ground-up projects for the hospitality industry. Drawing from more than 80 years of combined experience and over $2 billion in completed projects, the firm’s accomplished resources have the valuable insight, technical expertise, industry knowledge, brand strategy, and leadership skills to execute even the most challenging of projects.

Study Leather Chair

Principal: Paul T. McGowan

Paul is the Founder and Principal of Hospitality 3 LLC, a New Haven, CT and Manhattan-based real estate development services firm. He is also the creative mind behind The Study Hotels® brand, a concept conceived around its first two properties, The Study at Yale, a 124-room hotel operating on the Yale University campus and The Study at University City, a 212-room hotel in West Philadelphia’s University City. The Study at University of Chicago and The Study at Johns Hopkins expected to open in 2021.

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